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: Audi 5000CS--is it worth it?

03-15-2011, 12:53 AM
I've been looking at an '88 5000 CS Quattro in the area. It has a few electrical glitches i.e.: rear window and outside dr handle, power locks, passenger seat motor and heater. The owner has it priced a bit high because she's in need of money ($2500). It's a 5-speed and the mileage shows 165k which is great for its age. I'm wondering how accurate it is. Can anyone tell me what mechanical issues I should look for in this model? I'm unable to test drive it until she gets a temp plate put on it--it's been sitting awhile. It started up alright, but did smell like it's burning oil. I know Audi repair shops are high dollar, but what kind of things should I be looking into before considering a purchase? She is willing to take a few hundred off the price, but I'm thinking she may need take off about a $1000. It does appear to be a pretty cool car. The AWD system is cool and sunroof and most other power features are working. The interior isn't too bad for its age, either. This would only be my 2nd European car out of the 17 cars I've owned over the years. And it would be my 1st German. I've posted this same thread on 'another' Audi forum, but 20+ members viewed and ignored it. I'm already more impressed with the welcome e-mail I've received upon signing up here and the fact that the homepage loads up 10x faster than theirs. Please let me know what I should be looking into and whether it's worth it. Older Audis are really rare around here and I think it would be a very worthwhile car.

03-11-2012, 12:21 AM
I have owned a 1986 Audi 5000 turbo quattro from new. I have 540,000 kilometers (325,000 miles). The motor, turbo, tansmission and quattro were original up to 5000k ago. The timing belt blew apart and damaged the values. I got lucky and found a replacement motor for $100.00 with only 70,000 kilometers on it. I simply replaced the head from the mooer I bought and installed a new belt. The car works great again. Door handles tend to be an issue. I have replace 3 of them. Electrical is an issue also. It seems that the wires become brittle and can break. Other than dash light not working, everthing else electrical is still working on my car. As I live in Canada, the car has endured cold winters with snow, ice and salt. The car still has the original paint however there is some milky spots showing up. I have been told that this can be polished off. The is no rust on the car.

The car you are looking at with only 165 k should be good for a long time. If it is burning oil, I would be a bit careful. My car does not use any oil. Bottom line is that the electrical can be a challange. If you have any skills with electrical trouble shooting you should be okay. You can get an electrical schematic book off of ebay for a few dollars.

Hope this helps.

08-08-2012, 07:36 AM
Hey everyone selling my daily need money to finish up my WRX.

Red 1987 5 speed
Very clean interior 9/10 (few minor things can be mentioned)
Drive very good very smooth drive
everything on the car is stock
Has NJ inspection up until 2013

Price DRop 1500