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: Keeping Bose sound system with aftermarket deck.

Dsm_South West
03-13-2011, 05:03 PM
Like the title states, I'm looking to purchase an aftermarket deck. Simply because my OEM deck (96 A6 Wagon) is fubar. It's stuck in safe mode and I can't listen to music, however, the display screen is cracked/broken. Therefore resulting in me having to purchase a new deck and not being able to input the code. My main questions are, can I purchase a new deck and still retain/utilize the OEM Bose system in the vehicle? Can I retain my 6 disk cd changer with a new aftermarket deck and the OEM Bose system?

A quick response would be greatly appreciated, looking to purchase a deck ASAP.

Thank you.

03-13-2011, 05:55 PM
Hi! In my 94 A6 there was the head unit, the amp in the trunk and 4 speakers (2 front split into 4). If you purchase the head unit with the embedded amp (most of them) then you will have to bypass the amp. Not sure about the changer - it may be supported, but I doubt the newer Sony or something like this would have such output. Plus, as I remember I had to purchase 2 plastic pieces since the factory head unit is wider than the standard 1 din - the plastic pieces go on sides of the new stereo. Do you have 1 din? Did you consider buying the used head unit right as the one you have off ebay?

Dsm_South West
03-13-2011, 06:11 PM
So essentially you're telling me I can buy any decent deck and it would run just fine with my OEM Bose system. However, you're not sure it's compatible with the 6 disk cd changer. I have a single din, I believe. I was informed by the previous owner that he had a Sony brand name deck in it originally and it worked just fine. Yet he told me that he purchased a harness that connected the oem head unit harness to the Sony deck.

03-13-2011, 08:07 PM
The short answer is yes. You will need the special harness (please make sure the head unit you purchase and the harness are compatible). Most likely the CD changer will not be supported (not sure).

Dsm_South West
03-14-2011, 11:29 PM
Well, apparently Best Buy hires a bunch of incompetent morons to run their car audio section. They were of no help at all. I checked online at Best Buy for a particular radio, the site said it was compatible with my vehicle. Spoke to the idiot working there about said head unit and all he could tell me was he didn't know it would work and that he didn't have the proper installation hardware to sell me. So now I'm at a stand still at which I still don't have a radio that functions in my vehicle. All I need is a damn radio that will be compatible with my OEM speakers and OEM amp. Please help!!!!

Here's the head unit I want and best buys site clearly states will be compatible with my car.

Alpine - 50W x 4 Apple® iPod®/Satellite Radio/HD Radio-Ready In-Dash CD Deck - CDA-105 (

03-15-2011, 04:25 PM
Start with finding the kit harness + frame (Audi A4 A6 A8 TT 1999 Stereo Radio Dash Kit W/Harness - eBay (item 220741587590 end time Mar-20-11 06:17:29 PDT) ( AUDI A6 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 Radio Wire Harness w/ Amp - eBay (item 250647038022 end time Apr-03-11 13:58:09 PDT) ( Best Kits Audi VW 1993 - 2008 Aftermarket Radio Harness - eBay (item 310226653336 end time Apr-09-11 15:52:51 PDT) ( I am sure you could find one of the them listing supported stereos. Select the kit, find the stereo for it. Ask seller for details.

Where does it say it is compatible with audi?