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: Q7 electrical issues

03-10-2011, 12:46 PM
Hi, Thanks for reading my big story :)

I bought a 2007 Q7 about 6 months ago. Since the warranty was expiring soon, I checked it out at the dealer and he said that there was absolutely no problem with it. Then I bought an after market warranty. I am in Colorado where we had a few really cold nights in the last couple months. Problems started last month.

- Sometimes the hatch would not close unless I opened one of the front doors.
- Few days later, the MMI went blank(It would turn on, but off after couple seconds).
- Few days later the battery went dead and needed a jump start.

As the dealer suggested I replaced the battery, but after a week it went dead again. Then the dealer did a thorough diagnosis(2 hours @ $115/hr. sigh) and said the fibre optic loop was broken due to the amplifier. The estimate he gives me is $1500 ($900 for the bose amplifier). Now the warranty company is saying that amplifier is not covered.

How hard is it for me to replace the amplifier myself and how much would it cost? Is there anything else I can do besides spending $1.5K? I am not trusting the dealer's diagnosis because initially he said the battery was wrong, then said phone module, then said he would close the loop by using a repeater since i didnt need the expensive phone module, then said bad amplifier.

I am looking for ideas from you all. Please chip in. Appreciate all your help.

03-10-2011, 01:20 PM
The amp requires the rear right side of the car to be stripped out to gain access to it.

Once swapped the amplifier will go into "component protection" and the sound will be limited until cleared by the dealership (only a dealership can clear CP). Also it should be coded to match your car, leather options, diesel/petrol, LHD/RHD etc.

You can pick up a Q7 BOSE amp for about 200-300 euros on ebay. I have just sold my spare BOSE amp and I am fitting it in the morning.

03-10-2011, 01:41 PM
Thanks much for the quick response. I see 3 possible variables here:
- I am in the US. Is the amp only available in Europe?
- How many hours of work is it to swap the amp?
- How much does the dealer charge to clear the CP and do they normally give any grief?

I called sonicelectronix.com to check for alternate amps and they asked my subwoofer's RMS, ohms and voice coils. Any idea what it is for 2007 3.6 Premium or where to find it?

Thanks again!!!

03-10-2011, 02:07 PM
I am in the US. Is the amp only available in Europe?

They are available worldwide, but there are more likely to be more on ebay.de

How many hours of work is it to swap the amp?

Would take me less than an hour, depends if you know how to take a Q7 to pieces or not.

How much does the dealer charge to clear the CP and do they normally give any grief?

Depends on the dealership, it's a 5 minute job, but I guess they could charge upto 30 mins or maybe 1 hour, I'm in the UK so I don't know what the rates are for the US or how stupid/pedantic the dealerships can be.

Tell your local auto shop that they are talking out of their backsides and you can only use an Audi AMP unless they happen to have a MOST compatible amp with fiber inputs that is compatible with an Audi. They are still thinking old school line inputs etc which just isn't the case for modern German cars.

03-10-2011, 02:35 PM
Craig, Thanks for the response. I may wait for the days to get warmer before I embark on this project ;) Sorry, I just don't want to start a project in this cold.

*** Meanwhile can someone please point me to any instructions for working on Q7's electrical parts(removing covers, order of operations, fiber optic connections, etc). I will keep looking on the forum as well. Thanks!!!

05-09-2011, 04:30 PM
***All issues resolved*** MMI, music, etc working as normal. Spent $200 for the amp from a salvage yard that I found online. Spent $10 on Elsawin software that has repair manual. Spent couple hours to replace the amp. As soon as I put the key in ignition, MMI display and sound started working. However, right side speakers didn't produce any sound. Took it to the dealer and had them perform component protection crap for $115. Thats it. Enjoying the lovely car!!