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: audi central locking very strange issue

03-01-2011, 09:36 PM
im a newbie here,just after buying an audi a6 1.9tdi x reg, thanks to the previous owner, the water has soaped the passenger side carpet for a long time ,the central locking unit was busted, nothing is working(windows, interior lights,electric seat,central locking etc.) but i just bought a used one from germany, put it in, everything is working except the central locking. it wont work with the remote i know cuz it hasnt been programed to my key yet.
here is the situation now: i can only manually unlock the driver side door, then i have to put the key in d ignition in order to unlock other doors from the inside handle..but i can lock all doors from the passenger side.
today, i took it to a independant garage, their electric technition was working on the central locking ,after a 6hours of messing, the central locking was finnaly working, here is the strange thing, if i want to unlock the door manually from driver side, i have to lock the door for about 10times until all the locking sounds from other doors are gone, the i unlock, everydoor unlock. when i get out of the car, if i want to lock it , i have to wait for about a minute then lock the door, every door will lock, if not all four doors will not lock....
any ideas guys????