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: S4 Insurance Help (UK)

02-08-2011, 03:26 PM
So, I've been looking at 4 cars.. the Volkswagen pair of the Scirocco R / Golf R and the Audi S3 / S4.

I've all but decided I wanted the S4 and I've found a suitable finance/purchase package. But, being only 21 at the time I'll be getting the car I'm finding it impossible to get insurance, not because it's too expensive.. simply because all the insurers are saying it's too high performance.

So I came here to ask if anyone knows an insurance company either specialised in performance cars, or a model similar to the S4 it'd be possible to get insured on?

Apologies if this shouldn't be in this forum, but been searching the internet for advice to little succes... cheers..


05-19-2011, 04:15 AM
Since your 'young' every car insurance (https://www.ditzo.nl/autoverzekering/) will be relatively expensive. But if you make sure you stay accident free for a couple years so you get a nice no claim discount. In the long run this should pretty much cancel out the expensiveness now. I know its not handy since you need to money harder at this moment then in 20 years when your salary doubled or something :P. Good luck with the car buying and insuring :).