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: Help! Is this a Timing Belt issue?

01-18-2011, 05:34 PM
I have a 2001 1.8T.

1.) I have an annoying whining sound coming from the engine at lower speeds (under 20mph). I can't hear it anymore after 20mph, but that might be because the normal engine sounds of the car muffles it out, not sure. The whining is loudest when I am making sharp turns at low speeds, like turning in a parking garage.

2.) Additionally, every now and then when I come to start my car it turns over but won't start. If I hold the key in the turned over position for like 5 seconds straight, the engine will always start up, but the EPC light comes on and stays on and there is reduced power to the engine with the RPMs at (around) 1800 in park. Every time this happens, if I turn the car off and then turn it back on immediately, the car turns over and starts without issue and without the EPC light coming on. I can then drive the car without issue at this point.

I've driven the car once before with the EPC light on and can't really go faster than 50 mph without the car reving too high.

Background Info:
-I had the timing belt replaced in September (110,000mi), the whining started after that, but the CEL light was on before.
-CEL is on with codes: P1479 & P0411

One mechanic told me that the above problems are both related to the timing belt being off by 1 tooth and he needs to redo the timing belt job. Does this diagnosis make sense?

Any ideas?