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: purchase advice - 2003 allroad, 96k miles

01-08-2011, 04:17 PM
I'm an Audi n00b. I was hoping some of you could share a little knowledge/insight/advice.

I looked at a 2003 allroad this afternoon. Its a beautiful burgundy/red color. I'm not sure what Audi calls it, but I really like it :). The car has just over 96000 miles on it. It has the 2.7L turbo engine and an autotragic transmission. Dealer's price is $9980. Carfax history looks clean. First owner leased it in Indianapolis. From there it went to Ft. Wayne. It made stops at auctions in Ohio before ending up in metro Detroit.

The body seems to be in great shape. The interior is really clean. The air suspension/ride adjustment seemed to work properly though I didn't look at what level it sat at when we first arrived at the dealership. I'm not sure if there are any leaks. How often does the compressor run? I do recall hearing it kick on once while I was just sitting in the car making sure all the lights/signals worked.

There are three things I noticed that concern me. The first is oil smoke/smell. When the dealer started the car to pull it out for a test drive there was some bluish oil smoke out of the exhaust for about 10 seconds and then there was the standard whitish exhaust of a cold car warming up (condensation evap). After taking the car for a drive we parked it and popped the hood, running. I could smell a very faint burnt/burning oil smell. It was very similar to the smell my last car made when a leaky cam seal was dripping onto the hot exhaust, but not nearly as strong. I did not notice any further bluish oil smoke out the tail pipes.

The other two items that concern me are the steering. Above 45mph the steering wheel starts to vibrate. I didn't get the car up any faster than 55mph as there isn't an expressway near this dealer. At 45mph the steering wheel shake is more than I'm used to seeing/feeling from an out of balance wheel. I didn't really experiment with on/off throttle vibration, but I don't recall feeling any wheel vibration on a WOT acceleration to 55mph from a stop light. I have browsed through the forum a bit and noticed some other people with steering shake having to replace parts of the steering linkage or axles to fix the problem.

In addition to the shake I noticed the steering effort increased around a couple corners. On a couple of low-speed right turns the steering felt very heavy, but it was light/fine on the rest of the corners. Has anyone seen/heard of this before? I'm not sure what to call it for a search and couldn't find any similar results.

Are these major or minor things to be concerned about? Are these normal/expected things from an '03 turbo model?

The dealer said I can put down a $100 deposit with a non-binding offer and they'll let me take it to a maintenance garage/dealership for a check-up before making the purchase. I have a trusted mechanic I'd take it to for a thorough look-over. Aside from having him check on TSB's, warranty lists, and recall notices are there any specific items I should ask him to look at?

04-25-2011, 07:15 PM
I just wanted to know how you made out!
I'm in a similar boat and was disappointed to see little help coming your way!


04-26-2011, 07:48 AM
The 03 2.7 had some issues and at the milage you need to consider several other things... the 2.7 will need a new timing belt at 100K and its not cheap like 3K.. the turbos wre notorious for blowing oil seals and leaking oil. The air suspension pump comes on intermittantly whihc is normal, however when they leak they will need to be replaced.. as for you high speed shimmy it could be as simple as old tires but again at that mileage it could be common ball joints (the front has two on each side) The other issue with the 03 models is they did have issues with the tourqe converter. If the owner changed the automatic trans fluid and filter this may not be an isue.. as far as the steering being difficult its a tough call.. if the pump or steering doesnt work as a result of the steerting rack binding they will both need to be replaced.. thats expensive (I had mine done recently, the steering pump is shaft drven.. meaning there isnt a belt its driven off the motor. My car is a 4.2 300 hp no turbos. I bought it because the motor is more solid than the turbos. No turbos to deal with leaking, no turbo lag,the timing belt will never need to be replaced as it runs continuously through the motor oil)

04-26-2011, 07:53 AM
sorry for the long response.. They are really good cars! Mine is midnight blue with zenons its an 04' well maintained with 94K on it. the typical height setting for the suspension is level 2. If it is on 3 or 4 the car automatically lowers at highway speeds. I am actually in th eprocess of selling mine sad to say. I have 4 cars and have to pay a huge tax bill. if your interested let me know..

04-26-2011, 08:55 PM
I'm recently in the market and trying to find a decent allroad. If you are selling please give me the particulars. thanks
ps i'm looking to balance the higher price of low milage car vs the price of a high mileage car that may hav emore maintenace, timing belt, etc.

04-27-2011, 08:36 AM
Hi Paul,

The car: 2004 Allroad 4.2 I chose the 4.2 because the timing belt will never need to be replaced it runs through the motor oil all the time.
Midnight Blue paint -perfect condition
Black/ Grey interior- The floorm mats are brand new and it allso has the All weather mats form audi. (I like to keep everything looking good and in good shape.
Both zenon complete headlight assemblies were replaced (the originals were getting foggy and I hated the way it looked I have the spares for parts.
4 New Falcon tires less than 500 miles on them.
Suspebsion is strong no issues.
Breaks are good.
New power steering rack and pump.
replaced some ball joints in the front on both sides and had it aligned.
New K&N air filters.
8 new ignition coils- The engine looks brand new!
Mileage is 95K low for 7 year old car.. let me know if you want to see any pictures

05-04-2011, 06:16 PM
Mattias you forgot one little thing!
The price?