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: Disconnecting Door Latch

husker boxster
01-05-2011, 08:51 PM
OK, now that I've got the turn signal issue cleared up, it's on to problem #2: the micro switch in the driver's door. I've got the door card off and the latch is loose, but I can't see how to disconnect the latch from the door lock and door handle cable. HELP! I don't want to break anything or muck it up.

husker boxster
01-10-2011, 06:09 PM
OK, guess I'll help everyone else with what I found.

1. Disconnect the plug from the bottom of the latch assembly. There's a slot for a screwdriver. Put one in the slot, push down, and push on the plug. It will only release if you push on the tab with the screwdriver.
2. No need to disconnect the wire to the inside handle, but unhook the wire from it's support. It will give you more manueverability.
3. The black plastic cover is held in place by a prong at the bottom and 3 snaps. Start at the bottom, slip the prong free, and carefully work your way up the assembly and unsnap the the cover. There are 2 along the side and 1 at the top. Removing the cover definitely gives you the room to get the latch disconnected.
4. Turn the latch assembly 90 deg so the door lock rod will pop out of it's socket in the latch. By 90 deg I mean where the actual latch portion is now towards the inside of the door rather than facing the end of the door.
5. The door cable is removed by turning the connector at the end of the cable 90 deg towards the latch assembly, then pushing it off of the arm towards the assembly. The arm has a hook at the end of it where the connector attaches and you need to get the connector off the hook.

To reassemble, reverse the steps. #s 4 and 3 are the most difficult when reassembling. Patience is a virtue. Be prepared to make several attempts.

It may be possible to remove the plastic cover as step 1. Whatever you do, be careful not to twist the latch around too much before you remove the door lock rod (ask me how I know) :-(

Hope this helps others out. Sure wish I didn't have to answer my own questions.