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: locking, odometer problem

12-27-2010, 04:10 PM
Have several wired problem suddenly happen on my 98 A4 Quattro. The instrument cluster were flshing when I was driving. After I parked the car, I found trunk was not close before the locking problem happened. Alarm system work fine. I still can hear beep when I lock the car.

1. can not lock/unlock any door. Can not hear pump sound.
2. dirver side door security red LED does not flash, passenger side works
3. Odometer does not show number before I start car. If I open the door, it will show milage for 10 seconds.
4. instrument cluster does have infomation even the door is open

Checked remote control battery, no problem. I checked all the fuses, no problem. Do those problem are related? Have the lock pump broken?

Please help, any hints? Thanks!