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: Disable DRLs for Xenon HID install

12-13-2010, 05:14 PM
Hello everybody,

This is my first thread/post, actually i often found all the info already posted and never felt like adding anything, and thanks to all of those who upload useful tips and DIYs for sharing knowledge.

Few days back i planned to install HIDs on my 1998 A6 and googled for the info, also found few posts but not enough, then i got my first HID kit and found it was quite easy and plug n play to install, so i did the job as instructed on the manual and did my first HID install.

I was really happy when i turned on my lights after the job completed, but it did not last for long and after a day, one after another, both of my lights went down. I couldn't understand the reason, neither the dealer from which i bought the Xenon kit could explain why, and he just replaced the kit under warranty.
i was not willing to dare installing it again because it took almost 1 hour for me and i was sure there must be something wrong.

By the way, my car has the standard europrean DRL system which turns the lights on direct after i switch on the car.

So i tried to find the info again and somehow found that most of the DRLs do not run on the maximum voltage, rather, in most of the models, its almost half of the voltage to DRLs. I suspected that this low voltage might be the problem, and also asked the dealer, but he didn't agree and said it should not be a problem, anyways, as said, i didn't want to spent another hour.

well, in short, the simplest way i could figured out was to disable my DRLs, and then again, couldn't find much inforamtion (may be i am not good at searching the forums)

I found some posts which tells to open the dash and remove some relays and jumpershort two points to disable DRLs, but i found the most easiest and simplest way, which only took 5 minutes.

Step 1: locate the headlight switch at the left of the steering wheel, with the switch in the off position press the switch inside, you will notice it goes in with little force applied. Once you feel the unit push in turn it a few degrees to the right and pull out the whole switch from the dash.



Step two: disconnect the wiring clips and look at the back of the switch,
there is a pin named "TFL"



Step three: using a small screwdriver, just bend this pin "TFL" inside so that it would not make contact with the wiring when you rejoin the wiring clip.


Step four: reconnect the wires and put the switch back in using reverse steps, there is not much force required to do it as it slides back very smoothy.

Step five: test the results, at least it worked on my A6 1998. Now when i switch on my car, only the parking lights comes on, and i have to turn the switch to right position to turn on my headlights with full voltage.

Have re-installed my Xenon kit and am quite satisfied now:)

02-21-2012, 09:17 PM
thanks your share :D vvme.com

03-11-2012, 05:04 AM
I know this has nothing to do it but I'm planning to buy aftermarket headlights for a 2002 a6 but I'm afraid that on tha dashboard could come up some warning sign or something...do I have to do something special for the new headlights...I'm Sry if I did explain very well..