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: Need Help getting new Key/ Program for my 2003 A6

12-03-2010, 10:04 PM
Hey guys, just bought my 2nd audi! woo hoo! anyway, the guy only had 1 key, and I'd like to get another transponder/key to work so its just like the one I have...

anybody have suggestions on where to obtain this affordably?

I saw a bunch for sale on Ebay... I know they have to match on FCC numbers and whatnot.. but can they be reprogrammed after they have already been used on another car?

I'm in central jersey... anyone have any idea how to get this key situation figured out??

01-01-2011, 06:37 AM
Hi Jason,
Hopefully you already have a second key. As I am in UK this may not be a lot of help, but if I describe what I had to do to get an affordable key it may help. I have an A6 which had only one key, the previous owner had tried ebay but the keys did not work. I found a guy in Glasgow who came out to my vehicle and went through the following procedure. Firstly he connected to my cars processor to get the appropriate code (it also told him the car key history) then he transferred the data to his own system in his van (fitted with very expensive equipment). He then inserted my key to physically copy, and then the copied key was then programmed. The key was then tested successfully in my car. It cost me 60 for a simple key without any push buttons. If you search on the internet you may find some one doing the same function near you.