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: '04 Allroad Tranny issue...take three....

10-26-2010, 10:07 AM
In July of 2005, I purchased a certified, pre-owned 2004 Allroad (with 13,500 miles) from Wallingford (CT) Audi. The vehicle came with an extended 2-year/100k mile warranty, which had been purchased along with the vehicle.

After several 60-mile round trips to the Wallingford dealership with complaints of a “metal on metal” sound – each time being told it was normal and everything was fine – the service manager finally rode with me and heard the sound. On January 17, 2007, at 35,531 miles and still under original warranty, the transmission failed and had to be replaced.

Over the ensuing months, and while still under warranty, I began to feel that there was yet another issue with this second transmission. At regular service appointments and twice on other occasions, I complained of shifting issues and concerns regarding the transmission and was told that there was no problem with the transmission and that “everything tested out okay.”

This summer, I again began to hear the same “metal on metal” sound and was about to bring the car in for a service appointment when the second transmission failed! By now, the vehicle warranty had expired and, in September of 2010, at 85,000 miles, the vehicle had to be towed to the dealership to have the second transmission replaced with a third.

Clearly, there is a serious defect intrinsic to this vehicle which damages and eventually destroys the transmissions. It is not reasonable for anyone to expect that any transmission should last only 35k or 50k miles! And if there is no deficiency in the vehicle, then there are continuous and consecutive substandard, malfunctioning and/or faulty transmissions being installed in Audi vehicles!

I contacted Audi Customer Care to request a reasonable amount of compensation for what was to be a $7,000 repair which I do not feel should be my responsibility at all. I was offered approximately $2,700 “in good faith” towards the repair cost. I expressed that I felt it would be reasonable that I pay for the labor but not for the obviously faulty second transmission (which lasted a mere 50k miles!). My offer was increased approximately $450.00 and I was told that this was their final offer and the dealership has the authority to rescind their offer and I would be liable for the entire $7,000 bill.

I have owned three Audi vehicles including the 2009 Q7 model and, until this experience, was a loyal and very satisfied customer. Audi is a vehicle manufacturer whose reputation is exemplary and whose vehicles are known to be of the highest quality standards. In a time when the car industry in this country is facing its most challenging and competitive market ever, consumers have a right to expect the proverbial “cream to rise to the top.”

My disappointment and frustration with Audi is palpable. I no longer trust the workmanship and quality of my vehicle and I certainly do not feel that Audi has stood behind their vehicle or their service or me, as a loyal customer. When a situation occurs which so obviously evidences a faulty, defective and/or malfunctioning vehicle engine manufactured by Audi – it is nothing less than negligent for Audi to make so little effort to reach a satisfactory resolution to make a loyal customer whole.