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: 1999 A6 1.8T AVANT alarm and key fob problems

10-05-2010, 09:30 PM
Hi, i went to lock my car with the key fob/blip (standard 3 button) and it didn't work so i used the old fashioned method of turning the key in the lock, all the doors locked and the alarm light started to flash. Now this morning i went back to the car key fob still not working and when i turned key in the lock only drivers door opened, the alarm activated and hazards continually flash, i can start and drive the car but the alarm and hazards stay on. must add we have recently had a period of heavy rain and there is dampness in the rear foot well l/h side.

What could problem be ?
If the problem is batteries in the fob will it need re programming ?
Is there a way of disconnecting hazards from alarm circuit ?
Is there a way to disconnect the alarm but still have central locking ?

10-05-2010, 10:38 PM

Under the carpet on the pasenger side front runs the drain for the aircon and the flap underneth blocks up and backs up in the pipe causing it to leak in the passenger footwell, however you'll notice it first in the rear footwell, just clean the crap out the flap and it should be fine, however if the rear footwell is flooded it has bin leaking for sometime and may have damaged you conviniance control unit, which sits in the passenger front footwell this can cauase hazard lights to stay on and faulty key remotes, just pull up the carpet and have a look. hope this has helped. good look!!!