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: Funny noises; invisible brolly, 63mm centre caps

09-08-2010, 06:36 PM
Hi folks.

My spotless '99 2.8 2wd has developed a mystery noise, coming from the Offside Rear. It sounds for all the world like something loose in the boot (trunk) but everything appears to be in order. Thinking it might be a broken shock absorber we put it up on a ramp yesterday and pushed and pulled various suspension arms, and the shocker, and could find nothing amiss, and the car rides and handles beautifully, as usual. My nephew (the one with the four-post ramp) said 'it sounds like a metal brolly on the parcel shelf, only problem is, there is no brolly...' spooky. The car has done 104,000 miles and has a proper history.

Unrelated topic: anyone know where to get a set of polished (lacquered) 63mm centre caps? There's every size but this on eBay, and Audi seem to want quite a bit for a set.

All hints and tips gratefully accepted.

Best, moono501