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: Intermitant misfire A3 3.2 on cylinders 3 and 5

08-30-2010, 06:30 PM
I recently bought a 3.2 quattro 04 A3 which has had timing chains etc replaced recently at cost of 2k. The guy i bought it from swears there was no issues with misfire in his ownership. As soon as i took delivery i noticed misfire and took it to Audi dealership where they told me that there was a intermittant misfire on 3 and 5 cylinder. They swapped the coils around and made no differance they said...they say it needs further investigation at 80 p/h plus the vat which gave them licence to throw up the hours, ive bought a set of plugs as car has done nearly 40k since replaced and are due on next service in few months, havent replaced them as yet. The car has only 65k with FSH and all that work including clutch /radiator chains etc. Its now bugging the **** out of me and my wife wont drive it as can be jumpy at junctions now and again...more noticable in high gears at low revs /speed...45mph seems bad but there on idle as well...the revs sit at 1000 for few seconds before backing of to normal idle ...Any help would be appreciated as audi seem only to want my car in there hands for few hrs.