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: 1994 Audi 100CS Quattro

06-15-2010, 11:40 PM
I have a 1994 Audi 100CS Quattro for sale. The interior is in near perfect condition, however, I stopped driving the car several years ago after the oil gauge reading became erratic. The transmission, all wheel drive, and suspension all were smooth and worked well. The car has over 250K miles, however, it has been well maintained. The interior is in great condition and nicer than my newer cars. The leather seats are near perfect. I know how hard it is to get parts for cars this old thus I prefer this car goes to an enthusiast as a parts car. I might consider parting it out if you only want specific components. I can take more pictures as desired.




06-23-2010, 11:50 PM
You noted that you would consider parting it out Im looking for a power steering pump and a rear passenger side caliper do you think you might be able too do something? for my 93 90S 2.8l Please email me back when you get a chance [email protected] thanks alot

07-27-2010, 08:42 AM
if you still have the car i am interested in all 4 door panels...where are you located? could you ship?

08-06-2010, 10:44 PM
Think i might be interested in the wheels. how much would you want for them and where are you located? oh and they are 4 lug right?