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: Newbie 2007 S4 Questions

04-05-2010, 10:18 AM
I've had a 2007 for about a month now and I have a few questions/gripes? Please forgive me if I am repeating a question posted somewhere else in a forum.

Is there any way to disable auto mirror dim and make it dim only when I enable it? If I turn it off the central computer turns it back on next time I start the car.

Is there any way to auto enable the side view mirror folding like on MMI equiped vehicles? The mirrors automatically fold up when the car is locked.

Is there any way to get the RNS-E (I'm running version 260 firmware) to stay on presets rather then going back to radio tuning after turning off the car and turning in on more than an hour later?

Is there any way to get the RNE-E to remember the MP-3 Mix (random) setting? It seems to reset to sequential play randomly.

Does any body have a complete list of the VAG codes for the 2007 B7 S4 with descriptions? Even the Ross-Tech site leave something to be desired for use by the newbie. I am thinking of spending the $329.00 for the Vag Com but not until I can find out what I can set and configure. I'm not an Audi expert so explanations longer then 6 words would be helpful.

Specific Vag Codes I'm interested in:
All windows (and sunroof) open with key fob
All windows (and sunroof) closed with key fob
All doors unlock with a single button press
Fog lights enabled in auto mode.

Any suggestions for other usable VAG codes?

Is it possible to get the SDS (voice command) system working on a USA S7. I have the factory blue tooth kit and the RNS-E. I have heard some say that it won't work on US cars even after re-wiring the microphone.

Does anyone have directions on how to remove the rear seat/trunk ski sock?

Is there any way to get the home control system to stay on for a minute after the ignition is turned off? I like to turn off the engine before closing the garage door.

Does anybody know where I can order an extra set of the Audi wheel locks keyed to a particular key (because I already have a key).