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: Misfire on cylinder 6

04-03-2010, 01:50 PM
Hi I have an Audi A6 and have been having problems with it. I keep getting a misfiring on coil #6. I took it to my personal mechanic and he said that engine coolant was going into the coil which was then going into the engine. He stated I need to change the head gasket before it actually reaches the engine. I took it to the Audi dealership in Riverside and they said they saw no sign of coolant going into the engine. The only thing wrong was i had the wrong spark plugs and they said that should take care of the problem. But the light came back on and its still reading the same thing. Oh and by the way the coolant on my car does not last as long as it use to. Can anyone help please cant afford to keep putting more money into the car trying to figure out the problem and the dealer dosen't even know whats wrong.