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: HELP 1998 audi troubles

02-12-2010, 10:13 PM
First hi how is everybody. I'm new so bare with me. My first german car not very knowledgable. My 1998 audi 2.8 quat overheats when car is in idle but goes to norm temp when driving. Recent work in last week was new timing belt, waterpump, thermostat, serp belt, something called rollers, radiator, clutch fan. My first mistake was taking it to a non audi specialist for god sake the mechanic had my car for like a month. Now since I have the car back heat blows cold, opened the antifreeze res while hot and it comes shooting out along with smoke. But funny thing happened when I put heat back on it blew hot for a quick sec. Any help with this....I know my car is old but it has features of new car can't and won't get rid of so my only option is to fix it. I asked guy if my headgaskets were bad he kept sayng no...I just want to get to the bottom of my prob. Also other issues are airbag, check engine, abs and brake lights are all on. I just ordered a 200plus dollar vagcom waiting on that. But I want this car to run like brand new what should I do? Any suggs? Car is also in limp mode! Ordered a maf but due to inclimate weather couldn't put it on yet. But doubt that's why its in limp. Mode. All advise will be taken all accept get new car. I'm also converting my front grill to newer 09 10 grill. Want a one of a kind audi. My body man has his work cut out. But I wanna get engine good too. Also any power mods for my car? Need more than 200 horses. I'm aware of the sc but not willing to pay 3grand 4it specially with engine not 100%.