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: Route 66 2010 Rally

02-07-2010, 12:51 PM
Hey Guys,

Not sure if any of you are into the road rally scene, but I am hosting a national road rally on historic route 66.

Here is the low down.

We will have two starting points, One in Illinois at the Route 66 Dragway in Joliet, and the other start point is in Fontana California, at the Fontana Dragway.

We will depart the dragways, and eventually meet in the middle in Amarillo Texas.

The dates are May 19th 2010 through May 22nd 2010. We will make two stops on each side, Rolla MO, and Tulsa OK on the eastern half, and Flagstaff and Albequerque for the West. We will be staying at Casino's in Albequerque and in Tulsa.

The only cost you will have to pay upfront is for the decal packs which is payable to me for $100. The rest is pay as you go. We have the rooms set up, all you'd have to do is make a reservation and pay when you get there.

The west coast rooms will cost a team $200.00 all the way through including Amarillo. The east coast rooms will be $175 all the way through Amarillo.

I have a website set up, Route_66_Rally_20 :: Home ( and also we are on Facebook, just search for the same web address there in the search box.

We currently have 20 Teams committed on the east legs, and 15 committed on the west legs. There is a 35 team limit on the east coast..

We also have 7 Reality TV Show teams rolling with us!!! This event is quickly becoming the rally event of the year.. and for $300 bucks in rally costs, you cannot BEAT it.. other rallies would be charging upwards of $3000.00 for this!!!

If anyone is interested please email me, [email protected] hit me up on face book or visit our website, Route_66_Rally_20 :: Home (