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: TT 225 ps oil pressure problems

01-07-2010, 05:12 PM
Hi I have an oil pressure problem the red oil light will erratically come on mainly when driving I think it does not come on when first started, more worrying is there is engine rattle at around 3-4 rpm I can't seem to hear it when idling and I have been advised that it is knocking from the bottom end of the engine, I have read the thread on the a4 board regarding 1.8t oil pressure light and have read that is could be a sludge issue clogging the oil pump, would this be the same for the engine in my tt or are they different varients in the a4 ? I am quite worried for my engine as it has developed this rattling sound, I have messed around with car engines in my youth and normally if the main end bearings have been damaged you get a rattle no matter what rpm the engine is working at it just gets louder at higher rpm, this rattle only seem to heard at a certain rpm so I'm thinking maybe the oil pressure is ok at idle but dies when under load ? I hope this is the case but I know some investigation when be required like checking oil pressure with a an external gauge and taking the sump off to check the pump, can anyone shed some light on some of the points above to see if I am just kidding myself and my engine is shot.....:-(

01-08-2010, 03:31 PM
after checking the car today I dont think the rattle sound is coming from the bottom end of the car its seems like the top the the engine somewhere, I have not had a chance yet to strip the sump off to check the pump, but I have read on the forum that there is a hydrolic chain tensioner that keeps the cams in sync and if the oil pressure is low it would cause the tensioner to loose tension on the chain, come to think of it that is what my rattle sounds like a loose chain.......

a8 tech
01-08-2010, 05:05 PM
Yes the chain tensioner is oil feed so low pressure will cause the camshaft chain run without tension and this can sometimes show a fault code in address 01

06-01-2010, 03:09 PM
same happend to me on my 225 TT,
i'm in the middle of stripping the engine after losing compression on 2 cylinders,
it would have been a quck fix if i had stopped the car and cleared out the strainer in the oil pump feed pipe, a job which took me a couple of hours,
instead i kept going , got a noise like a fan blade hitting something, then Bang! bent valves and a lot of hassle!

07-02-2010, 04:19 PM
did you get this sorted?
i've just had to fork out 500 for a recon cylinder head
and a new oil pump,
even then there could be unseen damage to the bottom end and turbo
if you suspect oil pressure problems get the oil pump changed out ASAP!
it's not that hard to do yourself and will save you any amount of Grief!

08-12-2010, 03:11 AM
My oil pressure warning light is on. What should I do?Can anyone please help me.Thanks in advance.

08-12-2010, 03:29 AM
My oil pressure warning light is on. What should I do?Can anyone please help me.Thanks in advance.

ok, firstly don't run the engine! the valve timing is hydraulicly tensioned and you'll bash the valves against the pistons (head refurb) or sieze the cam in the head (can't refurb the head, you'd have to buy a new one!)
jack up the front of the car or put it up on ramps (remember don't work under the car unless it's on stands! i know some one who's freind was killed when a jack lowered a car on top of him!)

drain the oil,
remove the sump,
this will take a Meduim amount of force as it's on with instant gasket,
but not too much, you might still have a bolt to undo,

(the bolts next to the gearbox, use a torch to see where they are, then fill the socket with grease so it sticks to the bolt and it comes out with the socket and doesn't fall into the clutch area, same with refittimg)
there are a few splash guards to take off, i think you need "torx" bits to remove these then
you will see the pipe with a strainer, remove this (watch for an "o" ring!) and see how clogged up the strainer is, i just flushed mine out in my utility room sink by forcing water back the other way and let it dry,

you will need to clean the sump mating face and apply "instant gasket" to refit it, this takes a while to set before offering it up to the engine,
be care full not to use too much as it will squeeze out and then clog the strainer some more

if the strainer doesn't seem blocked you will be able to see whats involved with changing the oil pump, they are less than 40 and if you unbolt it you can get it out without removing the chain, so it's not a big job, 2hrs for an at home Diy mechanic