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: 1999 a6 problems help please

martin flynn
11-14-2009, 03:43 PM
hi all, im new here, and am from ireland, im looking for some help and thanks to anyone that can help me.
i drive an audi a6 tdi and my control panel is all messed up.its blurred and writing is distorted, also the picture of car itself on panel shows drivers door constantly open.
could this mean that someone has tampered with the computer?
it is hard to select reverse gear, no problems with any other gear.
the steering wheel seems to squek and creak and sounds like plastic rubbing against steering wheel when turning, very annoying.
interior lights will not work when i open doors. tried switch everyway but it still wont work.
the heater doesnt blow hot air
the temperature gauge only goes to 60 degrees, would that be the correct running temperature?