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: A6 Traction control and torque converter

10-26-2009, 09:19 PM
2001 A6 has traction control light is flashing and transmission searching for
gears when accelerating quickly. The local dealership They said it was 2 pints
low transmission fuild, they re-filled it and test drove and said it was good to
go. cost $200.
On my way home I noticed the Traction Control light flashing on acceleration
along with that same dropout when shifting. I called the dealership to have them
look at it again. Seems the previous time they had the car 7 hours and couldn't
find time to figure it out. After the test drive the mechanic said he would need
to pull the codes, why he didn't do it the first time around I don't know. Now they
tell me it has a bad torque converter. I find this hard to believe.
Today a transmission shop test drove the car and the mechanic doesn't think
the Torque converter is bad, but isn't sure what is causing the dropout when accelerating.
I need to get some ideas of what is going on, and get it fixed.
Will driving it cause more problems I drives fine.