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: Help Please!! Bad alternator??

10-17-2009, 12:11 AM
So I just bought the car about 3 weeks ago. Recently had the timing belt, water pump, and thermostat replaced. It had the check engine light on when i bought it and replaced the maf and the light went off. Put it on my buddies vagcom system and cleared the memory and the only thing that came up was the maf so we cleared that. I noticed after i bought it that there is a squealing noise almost everytime i start it up. Happens for like 2 seconds almost everytime. I was thinking it was just a little noise from the starter, but im guessing im problem wrong now. It has been runnning pretty good lately, some rough idleing here and there but nother too bad. Well it started to get cold the last couple of days and yesterday morning I went to start the car and it rolled over but immediately shut off. Started it up again and rolled over. Rpms were a lil higher then normally but didnt shut off. It did it to me again when i was leaving work and that time i gave it gas and it didnt shut off. Earlier today I noticed when i was driving it seemed to be cutting out power here and there when i was pressing in the gas. It would go up in rpms like normal but feel a sudden loss of power for a second, but still drive fine. It's weird and really hard to explain. Well tonight i was leaving my buddies house and it started up fine. I got about 2 miles from his house and the battery light came on real quick lost power for a couple of seconds then suddenly the light went off and the car ran fine. Went about another 200 yds and it did it again and this time i lost complete power, lights started dimming in and out. I was going about 65 and the car just completely shut down. Probably wasnt the smartest thing but as i was slowing down i turned the car off and turned it back on and tried giving it gas and just bogged down and basically shut off. I pulled over looked at my connections, seemed to be fine and started the car up and was able to get it into second at about 20 mph before bogging down and shutting off. I had to get to the next street off the main road so i started it back up and this time i was only able to go in first gear at like 10 mph. Got off the main road and pulled over to stop and think. Let it sit for a little bit, the car started right back up with the lights very dimm, idled for a second then shut off. Im thinking its a bad alternator, but i want some opinions. Any spots that get bad connection the colder weather? Maybe its a bad connection somewhere but not sure. All signs are pointing towards the alternator, but im just not sure why it starts up fine everytime and why it just started doing it in the cold because that could be linked to bad connection somewhere.