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: Mystery Oil Leak

10-07-2009, 10:30 PM
When I park my 1999 a6 (2.8) for the night i noticed an oil spot on the ground underneath the car when I come out in the morning.
Note: value cover, cam, oil pan gaskets recently replaced- actually i think i have replaced all gaskets within last 20K miles.

I put car on ramps and thouroughly looked up/dwn sideways to see where it is coming from. I noticed that the driverside engine mount is wet (just to the right of oil filter) but only underneath- Oil drain plug is dry and so is the oil filter and housing it is affixed to- looked up at valve cover and nothing- so i wiped mount clean and ran engine for 30 mins-nothing and was dry in morning- Upon coming home from commute there it was again and again only the mount was wet. (oil did not spray underneath from driving so oil leak is locally contained)

Could it be the nount leaking? The oil is dark and does not have a distinctive odor of tranny or coolant. Oil was changed this weekend and is clean this oil is black-

Any suggestions is appreciated before I spend $$$ on a shop to look-


10-17-2009, 09:38 PM
Incase anyone was interested it is the Engine Mount- apparently they are filled with hydrolic fluid. The driver's side mount was empty and the passenger side just started to leak- Did not realize engine mounts contained fluid- cheers