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: will any 3spoke airbag fit any 3 spoke mfsw?

08-21-2009, 03:49 PM
Hi I am looking for a upgrade from the borring old steering wheel on a3 8p -2004 to a newer "2008 Audi A4 S-Line - Multi function steering wheel" but I have a queastion about the airbag and if it will fit before I buy the airbag.

I have a steering wheel whit p.number - 8P0 12AA TK5 (audi a4 s-line)

will it go whit the airbag whit p.number - 8P7 880 201 H 6PC

Both are 3spoke.

Hope someone could confirm that it will work, and also if it will work on my Audi A3 2.0FSI -2004. (sure I know I have to change slipring and other stuff and also have to change from 2stage to 1stage but I am slowely geting there)

a8 tech
08-21-2009, 04:40 PM
I have retro fitted mfsw for 8p using the original airbag but I replaced the airbag loom from the airbag to the slip ring and also the steering column control unit to allow the operation of the switches,cant comment on your part numbers