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: Forward Leaning Headrest

07-09-2009, 07:50 AM
I just purchased a 2009 Q5. We went on our first extended drive yesterday, about 3 hours, and both driver and passenger found that we started having upper back and neck pain. My wife (passenger) asked if I found the headrests to be in a really bad position, and if there was any way to adjust them. Good question, because I had been pondering the exact same question. I did some searching on the topic and found thsat I am not the only one who has a problem with the forward leaning headrest on the Q5, and other makes as well. The headrest only adjusts up and down, no adjustment for tilt. Do you know if there is any way to correct this, either by replacing the headrest posts, or the headrests themselves. I also could not find how to completely lift the headrest off the seat (I know this is a safety device and should not be removed). Is it possible to remove the Q5 headrest.

07-09-2009, 08:15 AM
You can either check the owners manual (if not already) or call some dealerships and ask. I wouldn't know as I don't know anyone with q model.

Is there any kind of tab or button anywhere on the headrest or upper seat? I kow my A4 and S4 headrests in the back can come out all the way so I assume the fronts do as well.

09-14-2009, 03:09 PM
From rubinjos at Q5 DIY Guide - AudiWorld Forums (

"In case anyone is interested, here are instructions on how to remove the headrest on the Q5. I had to remove mine to replace with DVD headrests. The procedure is easy, but not obvious (I had to make phone calls to find this out):

On the back of the seat (a couple of inches below where the left post goes into the seat) there is a release button that has to be pressed in while you pull up on the head rest. You cannot see this button, but you will be able to feel it. It is helpfull to have two people to do the process - one to push and hold the button and the other to pull up and jiggle the headrest out. "

Paul F