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: 03 Audi TT - First gear sound/smell

05-13-2009, 06:28 AM
I was being dumb and tired and was seeing how fast I could go and still downshift to first. No lectures, please. I was doing about 40 and was gently pushing the stick up (BARELY PUSHING) and backed off when I felt resistance. Well when I tried to shift back into third the clutch stuck half way up. I kicked it back in and went to neutral. The clutch came up half way again, I heard a whirring sound accompanied by the smell of a clutch burning up and the pedal came back out. Second through sixth are working fine, and first works fine from anything but a complete stop. If from a complete stop I don't hit first perfectly the car studders like it wants to stall despite being at 2000 RPMs and the smell comes back.

What happened, what can I expect to pay to fix it at a local Audi dealer, and is there anything I can do myself (with basic automotive knowledge)?