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: Audi TT 2001 single to double din...

05-12-2009, 01:52 AM
It seems that no one has done this conversion yet by modifying the center console to fit a double din GPS/LCD screen. If anyone knows of anyone that has done it please let me know. I am fixing to take measurements this week and start cutting/fiberglassing mine. I was also trying to look for the piece itself just in case i make this one to the point of no return but unable to find any for sale ANYWHERE. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, or guidance would be appreciated.


05-12-2009, 08:34 AM
A few people in europe have done it with varying degrees of success.

See here ( for a professional version. At 399 Euros, I don't think they'll get many takers. :eek:

This was a guy who knocked one up himself.
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05-30-2009, 09:26 PM
Thanks Sean, I saw that before along with the 399 Euro kit. Both unique and I think I might be able to replicate/customize one that will fit me better. After doing some measurements and brainstorming I came up with a few additions to the unit.

1. Mounting the Lighter Unit port into the center console on the floor where the gas/trunk buttons are.

2. Possibly making a custom holster built into the unit itself to hold my 3g iPhone. TO do this I will need to drop the A/C Unit a few inches and then line the phone pocket with silicon and a front clip to hold it in place so I can always see it. This also depends if I get a 7in head unit with Bluetooth and if I can sync both.

3. I really like how the Audi has the "TT" face plate and am doing research in mini motors and rails/guidance systems to see if I can fabricate one out of carbon fiber or fiberglass but a double din. This would cover the screen and open up (motorized) and trail back INTO the dash so that it is "flush" with the radio surrounding. (Not sure if this will be feasible for myself personally but am looking into it. May have to chop the inside of the dash to fit the motors, rails, and give clearance for the face plate.)

4. TONS of material! LoL

This will cost me close to the price of 399 Euro if you add materials, labor, and time due to research and trial and error. But I feel that if I can customize something of this magnitude for something so little, it will be worth it to me lol. I'll keep a log once I start this and post the whole thing once I am done. wish me luck!