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: A few problems with my A3 1996

01-11-2009, 01:29 PM
Hey guys,

I bought an A3 8L 1.6 sport today, got it for a steal because of a few issues and just wanna see if anyone can offer some help before i start going to audi.

Problems are:
1 Handbrake does not engage all the time, i have to yank it to make it engage and even then it isnt guaranteed...i have been told that the ratchet wheel just need repositioning, is this right and is this easy to do?

2 the battery seems to have died in my key...is this easily replaceable and also would this be causing the intermittent problem of not being able to unlock the car all the time from the drivers side (it always unlock it from passanger side)

Any help before i pay through the nose at a dealership?