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09-21-2008, 10:29 AM
CrunchGear Archive Cannonball Run ready Audi R8 ‘Blackbird’ (

This R8 was built for strictly rally and long distance races. There is a little controversy on who actually owns the car. People say its Alex Roy's and he's planning to beat the holy grail time of 30 hours. No-one really knows. The amount of gear in this car is unheard of. He also has a liquid cooled infrasonic pulse generator to impair police. This is how said gadget works:

Infrasonic waves can cause visual distortions and being inside of a vehicle more than likely would not likely help.Picture this. You are a cop sitting on the side of the interstate radaring, suddenly you see a distorted blur of light and noise coming at you and a distinct feeling of dread and tightness in your chest. Then after it passes, you don't see anything, just hear noise. Would you think it was a car? Or would you think you saw a ghost? Would you tell anyone else, especially knowing how bad other cops would make fun of you for seeing a "UFO?"

What actually happend. The blackbird approaches with the infrasonic generator running, rader/laser detector picks up the radar and driver activates the takedown lights. Since infrasonic waves can generate feelings of fear, chest tightness etc in addition to distorting visual preception, and then add to that white strobe lights and HID headlights and you have a fast moving blur of light and noise with no real discernable shape. Especially given how hard strobes are to look into in the first place. Then after it passes by, your eyes adjust a few seconds (at the best more than likely a few minutes) only to see nothing by blackness since the driver has the rearlights cut out.

09-23-2008, 04:18 PM
i want like right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) very very impressive,lol