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: 1995 A6 dash panel problems

09-11-2008, 01:04 AM

I've had my 'new' Audi A6 2.3 for a few weeks now, but today I have a really odd problem with it which I thought I'd mention to see if anyone can suggest possible solutions.

Car details: A6 2.3 5-cylinder automatic, MY95, about 125 000 miles. The car has a speedo, rev counter, fuel and water temp gauges, digital odometer and trip meter, trip computer and auto check, along with auto trans indicator, voltmeter, ****ogue clock and oil temp gauge. I'm guessing this is a fairly common instrument layout.

After being out earlier in the day I came back to the car to find I'd left the side lights on. They'd only been on for an hour when I got back to the car and, first try, the engine started without any hesitation. What I also found was the rev counter and odometer/trip meter, clock, fuel and water temp gauges not going when I started the car. Moving the car forwards the speedo also wasn't going. The only things working on the dash are the individual warning lights, the oil temp gauge, the voltmeter (which shows normal charge) and the auto trans indicator. The backlights for the digital displays (odometer and trip computer) still work too, because you can see them dim when you turn on the exterior lights. It's really confused me.

Any suggestions on where to start looking? The fact that the dash panel still has power to it makes me question if it's something in the speed sensor side of things. All fuses are ok. Worst case it's an all new dash panel which I guess would be from a wrecker somewhere!



02-02-2011, 04:19 AM
Paul, it's been a long time since you posted this regarding the dashboard failure. It has recently happened to me in my S6. Exactly the same instruments have failed. What was the cause?