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: Cassette - Cd Install

04-22-2008, 07:48 PM
Hey I just got a Aiwa CD Player and Head Unit from my Brother-in-law and I was wondering how hard it is to take the old Cassette player out and just throw the CD player in ?How would I remove the old cassette player ? Im calling Blaupunkt(OEM supplier) tommorow to see but Im not laying my hope in one place.

07-30-2008, 02:31 PM
Well, it is really quite simple to do. it will just take some time. I have a 87 5000CS and was going to do the same, but i recently blew the head gasket and that become of higher importance.

Basically you need to figure out what the wires on the back of the OEM deck go to. which one is left front, left rear, right front, right rear, all of that. Then, the slightly harder part is you need to find the power wire that goes to the deck. Its actually rather simple. the ground should also be easy to find. once you find each of these wires, i would mark them somehow, probably wrap a bit of tape around them with RF,RR,LF,LR and such.

Ok, now for the slightly harder part.They way new stereos work, is they use a switch, typically the ignition switch, to turn them on instead of a switch on the front of the stereo like the OEM deck. So, this means you need to do a bit of wiring. Just find the ignition switch, and splice into the accessory power wire. you can test it by checking the voltage when the key if off, and check it again when the key is on. there should be no voltage when off, and about 12V when on. That will be the remote wire. Then, its just as simple as connect the wires to the new head unit, and test it out.