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: Help Pls!! Luggage compartment cover fastener

04-15-2008, 07:40 AM
Can someone help, please?

On my "BRAND NEW" 2001 TT Quattro Coupe, one of the SIDE fasteners for the luggage compartment cover (screen) is "out" of the cover. I JUST bought the car and don't know how it got this way. Without the positive locking connection, it rattles.

The fastener does not look broken.
The end of the part that goes into the cover looks almost like the tines of a fork.

I have tried to push it back in, but it is stubborn and I do not want to force it for fear of breaking it. I have, of course, removed the fastener from the ball and socket connection on the car, to make things easier.

Any and all advice appreciated!!
I REALLY like this car!!!!