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: Tyre pressures 2.0tfsi quattro s-line

02-28-2008, 05:33 AM
Hi all.

Anyone give me some good advice for tyre pressures please. Car is a 2.0tfsi quattro s-line with Revo remap, 19inch RS4 wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 235/35/19 extra load 91Y. Car is bouncing a little when cornering hard which didn't occur when I had Toyo Proxes running on standard tyre pressures. All suspension is OK and standard.

03-12-2008, 04:49 AM
Before getting myself the latest S3 I had a blue Audi exactly like yours, three door, S-Line, BBS CH 18" wheels, Continental SportContact3 tyres and later on Pirelli PZeroRossos, engine upgrade by BSR, fully adjustable PSS9 Bilstein suspension.....

Right before I put the Bilsteins on, my S-Line suspension set up was pretty fine! Much better then the standard car! It was a bit jumpy under pressure though...

Beware that the suspension geometry set-up for an S-Line car is different from the stock sport suspension that A3 2.0TFSIs come with! I do not know if you originally ordered the car with an S-Line Package or put it on later in its life?

Anyhow, the tyre pressure I found good to drive was 2.5 front, 2.1 rear, if I remember well. A little experimentation does not hurt since I leave in Greece and the road quality is bound to be better over there!

If you try my settings please tell me how it drove on British roads! Ta.

03-14-2008, 05:27 AM
Thanks for the reply.

I bought the car new, and yes it is a factory fitted S-line in Avus Silver. I changed the 18" standard S-line wheels for the 19" RS4 which has filled the wheel arches nicely.

The standard tire size was 225/40/18 with pressures of 2.6 front and 2.4 rear. It was fitted with Continetal Sport Contact 3s but when I changed the wheels I had Toyo Proxes TR1 fitted. The standard pressures were fine and worked well.

I have tried all sorts of pressures and have now found that the 30 psi (2.1 bar) all round seems to work alot better as I think that the Michelin Pilot Sports have a harder side wall than the TOYO's and therefore this , coupled with the higher tyre pressures was causing the bouncing.

Oh, by the way, our roads are not much better than Greek roads at present. I don't know what the Government are spending our road tax on but it certainly isn't maintainance

Are you happy with the S3? I always enjoy giving S3 drivers a wave as I leave them behind. Revo remap, milltek cat back system enables quite a few more horses than the standard S3. One day I will be shown a clean set of heels by a remapped S3 but until that day, I will enjoy myself.

Cheers and drive safe!

03-18-2008, 06:28 AM
well, well. I do not know if you indeed have more bhp than the stock S3 but it surely sounds like you have a super gearing too! ;) Otherwise waving goodbye to a car with 272hp and 350Nm of torque, you must have more than 300hp, much more...

Maybe you overstressed your point a bit, maybe you can just follow it and play, or just stay in front. Waving needs many more horses to do... :)

Even a new S3 with an MTM, Oettinger or Sportec etc engine upgrade to around 310bhp does not improve o to 62 times by more then 2 -3 tenths of a second! As for the top speed, inspite people's braggings about it, it just moves up 8 to 13 more klm, i.e. to a top speed of 258 or 263 klm/h

So as to put it in perspective, your car had a factory top speed of 234 - 236, depending on load and extras. With a serious engine uprgade, one that would bring your car closer to 300bhp, it would still go near or up to 250klm/h! tops!!!

And because the turbo you are using is small for high air volumes, the last 20 - 30 klm before achieving the top speed would be achingly slow...

Nevertheless, I feel fine that my old car was such a hit. Who knows, maybe I've done a bad job selling it to buy the new S3... :confused:

03-18-2008, 02:34 PM
She is a quick car but no quicker than a stock S3, but definately equal to it. It's just nice to see the shock on the face of the driver when having a bit of a play when you are still right behind. ;)

I dont know what the top speed is as I haven't taken it above 140mph. I believe the car should be good for 150+mph.
In gear speeds are what the re-map is all about, dependent on the boost/air/fuel settings on the Revo SPS3, coupled with the smaller turbo, gives less lag. The exact figures are 270 bhp with 306 lb/ft (415nm) torque. Clearly better than the S3 which is 261 bhp with 258lb/ft (350nm) torque. I don't know why yours has 272 bhp, perhaps more power for Greek market!

I wish I had done this months ago as it has transformed the car from a quick car to a capable hot hatch with an abundance of grip.

I almost bought a 330i. :confused: This is my 1st Audi but certainly not the last. I don't think you have done a a bad job buying the S3, I just couldn't justify spending the extra money, but if you can afford it, why not