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: I got it!

The Turtle
09-26-2007, 07:43 PM
Hey all,

I just bought a 97 a6 for my college car and I've got some questions.

How do you set the remote to your seat position? Every time i unlock the car with the remote i have to readjust the seat, pretty annoying.

And its got some quirks, none of which would leave me stranded, but I want this car to be perfect.

The rear wiper doesn't seem to work OR wash. Maybe a fuse for the rear wiper? Does somebody have the fuse diagram?
The three gauges to the right of the wheel aren't backlit. Is it a fuse or do they just not light up?
The digital readouts in the dash such as the outside air temp arent backlight at night. I'd love to know the temp at night.
ONE bulb behind the speedo is out. Are these easy to fix?
The headlight washers dont seem to work.
cruise control doesn't work(or im not using it correctly)

If i could have some advice on this and maybe a good resource or two of a good cheap place to buy OEM parts, that would be awesome. Thanks muchly! This forum rocks from what I've seen!