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: My first real R8 drive

07-08-2007, 03:18 AM
A few days ago i heard that our road going demo had arrived and already had its PDI and plates from factory and slipped straight into the dealer principles (DP) hands... Shame as i was lloking forward to prepping it and taking it for its first proper drive, never mind....

Anyway The DP came in today and handed the keys to myself and the other R8 tech for us to have a go, see how it drives ect.... It was phantom black with lava grey blades, very nice.... I prefer carbon blades IMHO but hey im not complaining. She was also an R-tronic, now this was my first time in an Automated manual, and was quite weird to get used to at first but after a while it became quite good. It is a strange feeling having to take up the drive by pressing the accelerator instead of feeling it through your clutch foot. i have driven many many auto's before too and wow was it totally different... R-tronic is great in manual mode, the paddles are very good, and also the stick is good, i found myself naturally going for the stick rather than the paddles. really easy to get used to, very quick and very smoothe.. Also had a go in auto mode, and didnt enjoy it as much, as it was not as smoothe, you could really feel each gear change, but then you have to remember it is still a manual gearbox with a dry clutch, just automated etc.... But in all honesty i would stick to driving it manual mode....

I obviously could not give it full throttle, or go over 6,000rpm as ahe was still being run in, but WOW what a car, even not full throttling it and going over 6,000 rpm she was still a beast, and you could feel the car wanting to push you to push its limits. I only had her for an hour and had to really restrain myself from nailing it, so my thoughts are with all you that recieve the R8! its tough holding yourself back in the running in period!!!

The noise coming from the engine is incredable, you can hear everything that you do, drop it down a gear and you can hear it rev, accelerate and you can feel and hear it, but was nice that it was not too loud that you couldnt not enjoy it, i think Audi have got the right balance There. The car had a B&O system, but i must be honest i did not want it on, the sounds from the engine were just fantastic.

The brakes were also amazing, you can really tell, that this car is racetrack designed for on road living because they were awesome, lightest touch and you could feel the power of the big brakes pulling you back.... And these were just standard not ceramic! I can imagine that on a track these brakes will be amazing.

The general ride of the R8 was also fantastic, i felt i had so much road presence, like i owned the road. This R8 had magnetic ride, and for the first time i really got to experience it. i was driving along the road only doing about 40 and she was very very smoothe, hit the mag ride button and instantly felt the ride get harder and i could feel bumps and inperfections in the road, hit it off and back to smoothe!!!! Amazing! I would definatl opt for this mag ride. The R8 had standard seats fitted, as Uk are not having buckets just yet, but it was very very comfortable.... you forget your in a super car, the car kind of moulds to you and you and the car become connected in a way, i could feel everything that was going on, and felt so so so...... KING OF THE ROAD!!!

One of the best things about the car, which i think alot of people may need to get used to is.... My god does everyone stare at you! it is the biggest head turner i have ever seen, i mean literally everyone was looking, jaws dropping, even people with thumbs up! if your not one for attention, this is not the car for you, personally i loved it!!!

There is alot of talk about figures, lap times, what is faster, what is better, etc... All i say is just wait till you get your R8, all that will go out of the window and just pure driving pleasure will be all that your interested in, as The R8 is a pure pleasure to drive, fast and around town. Its not always about who is faster and what else is quicker, its about how good the whole car is and how it makes you feel (ull feel like a megastar). everyone that has an order of one of these, your very lucky, be patient, because it is so so so worth the wait!

I will add some pics, if i could find my Bloody data cable....

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a8 tech
07-08-2007, 12:59 PM
Hello rob,i am pdi the demo tomorrow and i will be road testing it.The manual box is the showroom car and the r tronic is the demo.I will be carefull as it was mission to get it on the ramp as the r tronic takes some getting use to.Will let you know how the road test goes but i cant wait,i have been moving all the workshop equipment all weekend to new site and its 8 million pound well spent.Also just got back from A5 training and thats a great car also and great course.Regards Jon

07-08-2007, 01:28 PM
Shame, I just missed you a8 tech, I'm on A5 next week!! Got to drive our R8 this weekend, absolutely awsome, then came down to earth driving home in A3 1.6 FSI auto!!!!!!!!

a8 tech
07-08-2007, 01:47 PM
Hello badger,take a 2gig memory stick and you will get every ssp from a3 to a8,also you get owners handbooks and you get a cdrom with loads of info.You will have to ask for the ssp and owners books.I will catch you soon on A4 launch hopefully.Have a good time i did.Best Regards Jon

07-08-2007, 02:03 PM
Hello badger,take a 2gig memory stick and you will get every ssp from a3 to a8,also you get owners handbooks and you get a cdrom with loads of info.You will have to ask for the ssp and owners books.I will catch you soon on A4 launch hopefully.Have a good time i did.Best Regards Jon

hey, you will have so much fun in the R8, enjoy it! let me know what you think of the r-tronic? also have they got R8 ssp's yet, wheni last went there they didnt have any yet, but i have all the others.

a8 tech
07-08-2007, 02:14 PM
No ssp for r8 yet

a8 tech
07-09-2007, 12:49 PM
O MY GOD THAT IS QUICK.Yes i road tested after the pdi and i didnt over rev the beast but i did nearly stain the seat.The r tronic is nuts but once you get out of auto and traffic it is superb and a dodle.Rob when you do your pdi the data sticker is located inside the lid for the nsf footwell cover for the boardnetz control unit.I am ashamed to say it took me 30 mins to locate as i was loading elsa 3.5 and updating 5051b with 11.80 version 2.Manual version next cant wait.

07-09-2007, 05:26 PM
It is an awesome bit of kit, the sound it makes is incredible! Our elsa got updated today and it was good to finally see the R8 on there, been a long time waiting. I was wondering where that data sticker was? didnt tell us that on the licence??? ha ha ha. had a drive in the S5 today too, what a beautiful car, drove like a dream. completly different animal to the R8.

07-09-2007, 05:28 PM
You will have to post your experience on the manual, we do not have one in manual. im gutted!