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: Help, is my coolant messed up? G 12 A8D

11-14-2006, 03:01 PM
Hi all,

Bought A4 Avant 1.9TDi 1996.

I've just had the car serviced (first time) and thought i'd check to see what the guys done. Opened up the coolant and it's all horrid and brown with the expansion tank coated with grimey stuff (see image). Unfortunately i've not had time to check this before i gave it in for service (but it looks like it's been like that for a while).

I've just come across "Supplement to owners manual" where it mentions that the coolant isn't standard, it's G12 A8D (whatever that is) and cannot be mixed with anything else. It's identified by it's 'red' colour, i'f it's brown that means it's been mixed and should be replaced immediately or could cause serious engine damage....

Now is this as bad as they're making out or just a simple replacement. How would they go about doing this?

11-15-2006, 12:41 PM
I would say the garage that serviced it hasnt changed the coolant at all !!!

I hate to say but that looks like either some kind of Rad weld substance has been put in the system or maybe rust corrosion ...

Is there any signs of previous overheating or water loss??

11-15-2006, 01:54 PM
well the temperature gauge is knackered.

Took it back to garage today, told them what the score was, they've "apparently" flushed the coolant system and have ordered a temperature gauge which should arrive either tomorrow or friday (10min job he said).

I drove home and checked the coolant about an hour or so after. The expansion tank is empty, or seems to be empty from what i could see.

I've just changed the bubls (H4) to blue vision ultra's. Seem much better, but i've only just come in from doing that, need a proper road test tomorrow morning when i leave for work.

11-16-2006, 11:25 AM
I would say form that you got a leak if the coolantbottle has run dr..

Radiator maybe...

Have you had a look at the oil to check for water mixing in to it(sludgy mayonaise appearance) for head gasket issue ??

11-16-2006, 12:02 PM
Oil, seeing as it was changed only a few days ago under a full service, is looking jet black again and worse still, i way too much!:eek:

I'm a little peeved to say the least:mad: , so much for an Audi specialist... 1st off he didn't even look at the coolant first time around and he took it for a spin a time before when i talked to him about booking it in and told about the crunching in 3rd.

At the time he said it has a hydraulic clutch and because it's been sat around for a while it'll take time to 'get better'. :confused:

Driving back on the dual carriage way tonight, near the end of my journey, i couldn't put it into 5th, just wouldn't go in.

11-17-2006, 10:10 AM
I think i need a new gearbox. They offered me a choice of used or new. Is it better to go for new or not worth the extra money?

Any places to get a good deal?


11-17-2006, 02:14 PM
Did you buy the car from a trader or private seller?

I would say whoever sold it to you must have known it was in a bad way and needed quite a bit of money spending on it ...

Whats the difference in price for the used or new gearbox ??

What mileage you got on your tdi as the manual gearbox is pretty strong and not common to be knackered like the Auto boxes ?

Could be a synchro mesh problem with the 5 th gear selection issue which can be fixed cheaper than replacing the box !!

11-17-2006, 03:24 PM
ok you're going to laugh, but i bought it from an auction.:rolleyes:

I paid 1300 for it, 166K on the clock but i heard these german engines can go on for ever if looked after.

Price difference, that's what i want to know.

Synchro Mesh... It crunches as you put it into third:confused:

11-18-2006, 04:06 PM
Right, took it somewhere on reccomendation of the 1st garage to get an opinion from someone who specialises in gearboxes.

As soon as he put it into third he said it was a gearbox that needed replacing, a gearbox would be cheaper than synchromesh as the amount of labour needed to take apart the gearbox and fit the synchro mesh.

He quoted 565 for used gearbox and fitting. Went back to the 1st garage told them about this and they said it's overpriced. He suggested a used gearbox would cost 250 at most (recond. 600ish) and fitting about 100ish.

The gearbox guy says he gives 12months warrenty on the gearbox.

Called up a local Audo dealer and they said they do a free road test and see what's wrong with the car. I'll be taking it there Monday after work, and if there's a long list of things then i may just sell it instead of shelling out on a new gearbox.

By the way... What's this? (see image attached). I opened the compartment in the boot where you can get to the rear lights, and saw this plug/socket. Looks like some kind of audi cable, but not sure. Any ideas?

11-19-2006, 01:53 AM
I would bang it back through the auctions sold as seen Naseem, you should get your money back . Its not worth throwing your hard earned cash at with so many problems as i think its not been looked after very well by previous owners !!

You would be better to look for one on Ebay as there are some bargains on there and the seller should list the faults or you dont have to go ahead with the purchase if its not as described and you have the oportunity to look over it and test drive before you bid your money not like auctions !!

Heres an example of a cleaner newer one for resonable money. AUDI A4 AVANT 1.9 TDi SE~T'1999~HISTORY~MOT JUNE 2007 ! (item 120026972954 end time 20-Nov-06 21:00:00 GMT) ( QrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

I bought a older car at auction before and it was nothing but grief !! !!

I would say the socket is your VAG-COM port ...

11-19-2006, 12:58 PM
Thats a t least 4 bottles wortyh of RAD WELD in there.... basicly its had a leak and some ones done a quick fix be loading it with RAD WELD to seal it.... the chances are your water pump will be the next thing to go as RAD WELD eats the seals and blocks the pump..

Sounds like it was at the auction for a number of reasons.. I would suggest getting rid back via the aucton,, as its going to be a endless money pitt.... unless you want to spend and get it on the road...

One thing to add... if they FLUSH the system your leak will be back shorty.. I would not flush it for the moment unless your ready repair the leak...



11-19-2006, 05:29 PM
that was the general gist of buying from an auction, i only had 1500 budget really.

I'll let you know what the Audi dealer says tomorrow.

11-19-2006, 05:50 PM
Unfortunately mate Audi are not cheap cars to keep on the road and when they go wrong they seriously hit your pocket..

Fingers crossed for you though as they are nice cars when you get a good one !!

11-20-2006, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the info guys...

I have been considering selling it on, see what i can get back for it.

Will update tonight.

11-21-2006, 03:53 PM
Audi garage checked it out.

There is oil leak from gearbox. Mate of my brothers services bmw and merc. He's got his hands on a 1999 a4 1.9 tdi that is an insurance write off. Will check out the gearbox and let me know on thursday. The engine's already been sold on it apparently.

The audi mechanic said it was fine apart from gearbox.

Fingers crossed...

11-22-2006, 12:32 PM
What did the Audi garage say about the coolant issue?

Do you think you will keep it now once the gearbox issue is resolved ??

11-22-2006, 01:04 PM
I just wrote out a really long reply and it didn't post! grr....

Ok, basically, he said mixing coolant messes up and makes gunky stuff. It's not been flushed properly. If it's got a leak i'd have noticed by now seeing as i do about 50miles a day (2-3weeks so far). It needs proper flushing, which i'll do once the gearbox is fitted.

Seeing as i'm sorting it out, i might as well keep it. Would've cost me 1900 not including things i would have spent on any car i got (tyres/cambelt).

Going to see the car that the gearbox is being taken from on Sunday to see if there's anything else i want from it. I need new headlamps, the reflective surface on mine has worn out (that's the only reason i can give for headlights not being very bright).

Also once gearbox is done i'll fit the stereo.

A month down the line i'll service it properly myself.

By the way... do you know where i can find a haynes manual online?

11-22-2006, 02:50 PM
You can get a Haynes pretty cheap on Ebay Audi a4 haynes manual 1995-2000 VGC VAG (item 330051962263 end time 26-Nov-06 20:58:38 GMT) ( QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)