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: S4 SMS 304 PS Help!!!

09-16-2006, 01:53 PM
Hello! My name is Kirill, I'm from Russia, Moskow. Mycar is AUDI S6 ’95 Engine: 2,2T AAN, automatic transmission. I NEED YOURHELP!!!!!!So, my problem is:I bought engine controller by Schmidt Motorsport, it has been taken fromcrashed S4 Revo SMS 304 PS. But other additional elements (like as turbine,oil burners, oil pump, shafts etc.) I have not got. I fear, that my engineor automatic transmission may crack without the elements.I have some questions:1. Can You tell me, what should I buy to save my engine?2. Can my automatic transmission (ZF 4HP18) crack because of high powerengine controller (SMS 304 PS)?Please, help me… PLS, write easily, I don't know english very well...